We sell and rear different types of poultry including chickens, turkey and ducks. Our poultry farm is well maintained and our birds are vaccinated against bird flu as well as other diseases that affect birds, we provide both whole sale and retail purchase of our birds from our farm and other retailers in Abuja
We grow only the best breed of fish within our ponds, our stock of fish are grown from quality fingerlings. We provide both wholesale and retail sales from our farm as well as selected retail stores within Abuja
Animal Husbandry
We sell and rear different types of animals including rabbits, goats, chicken, sheep, cows, etc, our animals are well catered for and we employ best practices in managing and caring for all our animals. Our animals can be purchased from our farm and retailers, we guarantee only the best in animal care and production
At Aidyl Integrated Farms we sell eggs with the deep-yellow yolks, our methods ensure that you get high quality eggs at competitive prices. Each egg includes 6 grams of protein and just 60 calories, we also provide free delivery for bulk purchases, our eggs can also be purchased at our various retail outlets across Abuja.

Aidyl Integrated Farms

The mission of Aidyl Integrated Farms is to develop an appropriately structured Integrated Farm of the future by providing training and education to all elements of the Nigerian public especially those interested in becoming part of the farming community by providing facilities in the requisite areas.

Our Mission

To accomplish this mission, Aidyl Integrated farms will develop and operate an Integrated farming facility, staffed by professionals in the agricultural sector, to instruct and grow this unique workforce in the country

Our Aim

To provide jobs and food security through sustainable animal farming thereby enhancing the overall economic development of Nigeria.


We organize lectures on various areas of animal farming for new and aspiring farmers within the farm. for more information contact us : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Aidyl Integrated Allied Farms was established in November, 2009.